Our mission: Making things easy

In all our endeavors, services, products and strategic execution we will strive to deliver to you, a combination of the following; speed, agility, simplicity, relevance and responsiveness. We are not led by market opportunity. Things that are cool to us are instantiated from conviction and organic belief. Our focal point is not technology, it is humanity.


We are geeks but we believe that technology ultimately serves its purpose when it disappears and becomes invisibly functional and less physically experiential

Our people

Having the best product at the time is great but we believe sustainability is derived from our people. Our most important asset will always be our team and we only hire the best. We value insane passion, perpetual positivity, intermingled with integrity over any level of claimed competency.

Our role and position

We strive to build architectures of participation on the basis of third party augmentation. Co-creativity is a core principle; there will always be smarter people, and more of them, on the outside of our business and therefore we will seek to harness this collective human intelligence. In the ecosystems we establish we intend to always derive less value than we create.

Invention over innovation

Everything we make will be the first of its kind and unique. We will not copy, imitate or just improve. True invention and organic invention exists when our people are having purpose driven fun.


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