Making things easy...

In all our endeavors, services, products and strategic execution, we will strive to deliver, to you, a combination of the following; speed, agility, simplicity, relevance and verbosity. We are not led by market opportunity. Things that are cool to us are instantiated from conviction and organic belief. Our focal point is not technology, it is humanity.


Current clients include:

Offer your merchant customer base an affordable, secure and fully certified MPOS solution. The card acceptance device comes with an app that you own, and is therefore fine-tuned to your transaction rules and your brand identity. With our APIs, you also enable your enterprise customers to integrate the transactions you acquire into their platforms in real time, easing the process of reconciliation. Analytics with mobility-specific information will help your customers seize the opportunities offered by cutting-edge technology while making payments easier than ever.


Our enterprise-ready host appliance offers a private app store and a locked down Android environment. This allows you to deploy your Android apps without bespoke development. You can also replace multiple expensive devices, each doing only one of GPS, payment and card acceptance, communications, ERP, etc. with a single device. But whether you choose our host applicance or just the Payment Pebble ® to accept card payments securely, you get full mobility. Our solutions accompany all your business processes in real time and integrate easily into your enterprise back-office.


Whether you are looking to do queue busting, increase your in-store retail surface, set up temporary shops or sell additional services, our mobile point-of-sale solutions are retail ready and optimised for the fast-paced in-store environment. Our solutions also pair easily with bluetooth printers or barcode scanners for a comfortable, more traditional purchasing experience for your customers.



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